Rooder Mangosteen Story

In 2018, a Super Typhoon Mangkhut which means mangosteen fruit in Thai began on Sept. 7th and reaked havoc wherever it passed for about 10 days. At its peak, it was the equivalent of a category 5 hurricane.

Mangosteen was named the strongest storm in 2018, it easured 550 miles wide and wind gusts hit 200 miles per hour. Typhoon mangosteen smashes through Thailand, Guam and southern China, including Hong Kong, Macau, Guangdong, Guangxi, Hainan, Hunan, Guizhou, etc., causing great economic losses to China and the world. Forests, houses, and farms were destroyed. The streets are in a mess and the roads are blocked, which brings great inconvenience to people's commute.

Rooder mangosteen arrow m1p citycoco

Based on this, Loong, who has 5 years of experience in the electric vehicle industry, wanted to design and produce an electric scooter that is easy to drive on the road, so Loong's team designed and produced the first CHOPPER-style electric scooter, model is SUPER M1, and
registered the company: Mangosteen Technology Co., Limited, also registered
MANGOSTEEN as brand.

Some people might ask, the super typhone mangosteen
obviously took disaster to people, why did you use mangosteen as the company name and brand name?

The reason is very simple, typhoons are just natural disasters, but in the face of disasters, some people become devils, and some people choose to do some positive things and try to change the damage
caused by natural disasters. The name is not important, and the disaster is not terrible. What matters is if we face the disaster and various difficulties.

mangosteen m1p citycoco chopper scooter for sale

Named MANGOSTEEN, it can always remind us not to forget our original intentions, to bravely face various difficulties and challenges, and to be committed to changing people's commute, making travel more convenient and environmentally friendly.

Another reason for the name mangosteen is that mangosteen fruit is Loong's wife Miss Jian Tianxiu 's favorite fruit. Loong often thinks of his wife's smile when eating mangosteen fruit. He also hopes to incorporate this beauty into product design. Pass the love of mangosteen through products...

mangosteen m1p citycoco echopper scooter

This is why our LOGO has both a shield and an arrow. The shield represents quality, security, responsibility, and safety, and the arrow symbolizes speed, passion, innovation, and challenge.

The shield also means 0, and Arrow means 1, from nothing to being, we designed and produce the products.

The combination of the two seemingly contradictory fits well expresses MANGOSTEEN's choice between good and evil, and when faced with difficulties attitude and determination to climb to the top. Mangosteen is not afraid of difficulties, has the courage to face
challenges, is innovative and enterprising, and lives for love.