Mangosteen Arrow M1p

mangosteen has a history of 10 years and has appeared in many markets, and continues to provide high-quality scooter products. We believe that quality is the core of the company. With advanced production lines, testing equipment, and strict quality control that we have established a good reputation in more than 100 countries and regions.


Mangosteen m1p  unboxing:  




00:00 citycoco m1p mangosteen Arrow electric scooter unboxing

02:58 what's inside the Rooder Mangosteen scooter package?

03:21 how to install the escooter handlebar?

06:01 how to remove the axis of the escooter?

06:23 Remove the protective foam from the e-mangosteen m1p.

06:58 how to install the front wheel of the ElektroRoller chopper?

08:52 how to install the front fender of the citycoco?

12:06 how to install the emangosteen mirrors?

14:58 connect the MGSD chopper battery, the remove battery can be charged at home. 17:56 turn on the scoter by key or remote to test all the function, speedometer, turn lights, front light, brake light , horn and so on.

16:25 overview  


Mangosteen arrow m1p review:  




00:00 City coco Arrow m1p overview

02:35 driving on mountain road

03:10 climbing the 20 degree mountain road

03:38 testing on the mountain road

06:00 testing the front and rear suspension

06:40 driving on city road

08:00 driving on the grass

08:13 testing the brake

08:26 tesing the speed on the speedometer and GPS

11:02 contact whatsapp +8613632905138   

Rooder Mangosteen Citycoco Chopper

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