Mangosteen Alligator M2

Founded in 2018, mangosteen has growed up to be a professional manufacturer of scooter products, specialized in design, production and marketing& sales for overseas market. We passed ISO9001, certificated with CE, ROHS, EMC, EEC, DOT, UL. We are reputated with reliable quality, good after sales service and fast delivery based on a strict quality control system and good marketing & inventory management, we offer a long term warranty for all products. Customers all over the world mainly in Europe, America and Oceania. Our company has advanced escooter manufacturing facilities such as auto SMT machines, reflow soldering, silicone extrusion machine, automatic glue sealing and professional test equipments such as integrating spheres, giniophotometer, ROHS scanner etc. We also have a professional trianed QC team to ensure the quality of all products. Our oversales team has a number of over 10 people, 10 QC team memebers, 8 experienced engineers & electricians, over 140 workers for production with well-trained technology knowledge, could convince cusotmers quick feedback, fast delivery, qualified products.


Mangosteen Alligator M2 Youtue Unboxing Video:



00:00 unboxing the Mangosteen M2 Scooter by Gavin Lee from Rooder Group

01:00 what's inside the package of the Green Rooder Alligator 3000w 40ah with brown seat?

03:56 use the tools inside the package to install the handle bar.

07:43 install the front wheel wihin 2 minutes

09:53 install the Green matte front fender. more colors such as red, blue, yellow, white, blake also available.

12:34 install the new display

13:53 install the phone holder

15:06 install the rear mirrors.

16:42 install the feetrest for passenger

18:34 EU charger, we also have other plug, US, AU, UK, BR, AR, CH.

18:40 English manual

19:39 connect the removable battery under seat, you can take away to charge at home.

20:12 handlebar lock

20:22 power on to check the function

21:54 adjust the handlebar and fix it

23:55 2022 new arrival Rooder monocular long bike, review will upload, please subscribe and like our channel.

23:58 factory tour with Sam(driver) and Gavin(Camera). ^-^

25:50 overview

26:26 shoot the HD photos with white ground for marketing, please contact +8613632905138 to get the link to download.  

Rooder Mangosteen m2 design:  


Rooder City coco Chopper Alligator M2 Review:  


00:00 Rooder Alligator M2 Youtube review

00:42 uphill 15cm

00:50 downhill

00:56 slow motion shot, uphill.

01:18 slow motion shot, downhill.

01:48 Test corner riding

02:18 stop light, turn lights.

02:21 double seat with the eyes of alligator

02:27 front wheel

02:30 remote and key

02:33 throttle

02:35 display

02:39 phone holder and left handle

02:41 mirrors

03:28 test ride on the off road

04:04 test the speed

04:30 test ride on off road with different models

05:19 test the display and GPS speed and speedometer speed

05:58 test the phone holder and lights

06:38 whatsapp +8613632905138    


Alligator M2 unboxing video 2:  


00:00 unpack Rooder mangosteen m2

00:17 what's insdie the carton

01:13 take the scooter out

02:51 install the handlebar

05:13 assemble the front wheel

06:28 assemble the red matte front fender

08:18 connect the display

09:19 USB phone holder

10:40 assemble the feet rest

12:58 assemble the rear mirrors

13:30 overview, whatsapp: +8613632905138  

Citycoco European warehouse Dutch stock:  


00:00 open the container of Rooder chopper

01:18 unloading the Rooder citycoco and spare parts to dutch warehouse

01:28 prepare to deliver the Rooder echopper to door by truck.

01:40 one of Rooder factories in China

02:11 Runner M8 model  

Rooder echopper factory:  


00:02 painting the red frame

00:05 one of mangosteen m2 production lines

00:30 red frame, black fenders, brown seat, 3000w engine, 40ah battery.

00:46 led front light, turn lisghts, front and rear suspension

01:17 please contact us to download HD photos for marketing

01:21 more than 300pcs in EU, 500pcs in US for the summer of 2022, contact us +8613632905138  


Rooder Mangosteen Citycoco Chopper

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